Achieve Permanent U.S. Residency for your Family.
Start with $400K Investment.

Register for a personal consultation to better understand how to obtain a Green Card for you and your family utilizing the EB-5 Visa Program. Interact with EB-5 Industry professionals with more that 15 years experience in EB-5 Program by making a job creating investment in the United States.

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How to Start: Process & Timeline

Start today with $400K by purchasing a Property in Turkey
After 6 months - Get Citizenship of Turkey (your spouse and kids under 18 y.o. are included)
With Turkish Passport apply for E-2 Treaty Investor visa to USA
Depending to the business you intend to establish in the U.S. you can invest as low as $100K* (We can assist in: market study, business plan writing, legal work)
Get your E-2 Visa and travel to USA with your family to start your business within 6 months.
As you arrive to USA and start your new life here, apply for an EB-5 Investor Visa with $1,050,000 of investment.*

*We can assist in: economic analysis, business plan writing, finding business, establish corporation in the U.S., applying tax ID number, with IRS issues. We can introduce you to company that will help with bookkeeping, taxes, marketing etc. All legal work will be done by a law firm with 15+ years of experience in EB-5.

Investor needs $400K to start a new life for his family in the United States.


  • Green Card for Investor, Spouse, and Children Under 21 at the time of application
  • Path to US Citizenship
  • Ability to Work, Travel, and Live anywhere in the United States
  • Ability to Enter and Exit the United States as a Permanent Resident
  • Ability to Start a Business in the US without Immigration Restrictions on the Enterprise
  • Children of Investors may study in US Public School System
  • No Language or Professional Experience Requirements
  • Depending on the immigrant’s country of birth the EB-5 may be the fastest way to get a Green Card in comparison to other paths like the EB-2/3
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World Legal Advocate

Our deep understanding that your investment represents your family’s future guides World Legal Advocate.

WLA has evolved into a global financial services firm providing both EB-5 and Private Equity investment opportunities.We utilize our due diligence processes earned through various market cycles to navigate appropriate deal structures and provide global mobility for our clientele and their capital.

WLA together with CitizenMatcha and Law Offices of Kameli Associates helped over 200+ investors obtain green cards for family members. We work with industry leading networks and attorneys to ensure your case receives the best treatment possible from a Source of Funds perspective.

We speak Farsi, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, and Spanish


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