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We live in a growing global economy, and the ability to conduct business inside and outside Turkey with transnational partners might be as much a necessity for large enterprise firms as it is for the small and middle-market.

World Legal Advocates offers the services and expertise of big law consulting with small firm pricing.  

Our dedicated global network of business and legal professionals are picked based on merit, not a subscription, so you can act with confidence knowing you have the best regional talent in your corner – no matter what part of the globe your business takes you.

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The World Legal Advocates Member Partner Network

The binding fabric of World Legal Advocates is the Member Partner Network – handpicked professional services veterans located in Turkey and other countries around the globe. World Legal Advocates understands that while transnational business is necessarily global, the foundation of great international business is strong regional relationships. World Legal Advocates eliminates the lengthy trial and error involved with building these vital relationships, by performing services through trusted Members practicing in Turkey as a region important to your business.

What can we do for your business in Turkey and outside?

World Legal Advocates provides a diverse range of business and legal services through our regional Member Partners for Turkish citizens business owners who conduct business outside Turkey as well as for entrepreneurs from other countries who expanded their business to Turkey.

These services include:

  1. Global investment solutions in real estate and franchising.
  2. Investment-based immigration advocacy in over 11 countries: including the United States, Canada, Turkey, European Union countries, and the U.K.
  3. International sales contract preparation and global legal advocacy
  4. International business registration and corporate formation


All services come with complementary client-to-professional mediation, to facilitate every venture with a neutral third-party.


Have you ever considered taking your business global?

If going global is part of your business plan, World Legal Advocates can limit your risks. Taking your business to new frontiers will allow you to diversify your market, and your revenue will become stable.

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