Local Real Estate Purchases

Have you tried to buy a house in Turkey only to discover the seller deceived you into paying more than it was actually worth? We are here to help you fight for what is right.

The number of foreign citizens interested in buying properties in Turkey has skyrocketed over the last few years, with many foreigners seeking out properties as an investment.

World Legal Advocates is here to guide non-Turkish citizens who want to purchase real estate as a primary residence, vacation property, business facility, or investment opportunity. Our services included:

  1. Supervising and organizing the deal-making process;
  2. Drafting and negotiating the terms of the sale agreements;
  3. Identifying appropriate real estate opportunities that match your particular goals;
  4. Assisting with procurement of financing for real estate purchases;
  5. Providing real estate valuation (appraisal) consulting
  6. Structuring real estate transactions and leasing agreements,
  7. Providing legal advice on the requirements to acquire an interest in real estate.
  8. Evaluating current regulatory restrictions, financial status, and legal impediments relating to real estate assets.
  9. Managing and collecting the real estate lease payments and rental income.
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Please let us know if you have a question, want to leave a comment, or would like further information about World Legal Advocates.

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To provide qualified prospects, we take the pulse of a highly specific audience and create a detailed strategy for your property.We are here to help.

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