For Foreign Companies Having Legal Issues Inside Turkey

Foreign investors who decide to start a business in Turkey and open a company can rely on the expertise and assistance of our Member Partner Network. Our legal team specializes in a wide range of legal areas, including commercial law, business law, immigration law, and more. We can help you and your business with personalized services and our experts can help facilitate relationships with Turkish authorities. If you want to purchase a property or begin a new business venture in Turkey but cannot be present in the country, our experts can perform the necessary legal actions in your name with the help of a power of attorney.

Our Member Partner Network in Turkey offers a wide range of services to foreign investors regardless of the current state of their business in Turkey.

Below are some of the many legal services our Member Partner Network can help you with in Turkey. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us no matter the legal service you need.

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Services offered by Member Partner Network in Turkey:

1.Contract Disputes

The contracts in Turkey have standard terms and conditions which need to be respected, but problems may appear if parties do not fully comprehend the importance of the stipulated requirements. This is how contractual disputes appear in Turkey, and special attention is recommended if you, as a business owner, have business in Turkey but live outside of Turkey. If your company has contractual obligations subject to the laws of Turkey, make sure to solicit help and legal advice from our Member Partner Network.

2.Real Estate Purchases 

Buying or selling a property in Turkey usually requires the help of a lawyer especially when it comes to the preparation of the documents needed to complete the transaction. However, our Member Partner Network engages to conduct due diligence services for real estate in Turkey, offering assurance to investors interested in first knowing if there is anything wrong with a property they want to purchase.

In Turkey, our team can help foreign buyers purchase their dream homes as well as commercial real estate.

3.Business Investment Issues, such as:

– incorporation of Turkish firms

Our team in Turkey assists foreign entrepreneurs with the incorporation of companies in Turkish major cities, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, etc. We help you register a Turkish limited liability company, a Turkish joint-stock company, and other types of companies, according to Turkish law.  Besides these legal services, we offer company domiciliation, accounting services, etc. for your business in Turkey.

– opening subsidiaries/branches/franchises  in Turkey

If you need to open in Turkey a subsidiary or a branch of your company registered abroad, we will help you with the incorporation procedure.

– mergers and acquisitions in Turkey

When you need legal assistance for mergers and acquisitions in Turkey, World Legal Advocates will connect you with attorneys in Turkey. All you have to do is to contact us.

– liquidation and dissolution of Turkey companies

When you decide to end the activities of your business in Turkey, you will need legal advice regarding the procedure. Turkish lawyers from our Member Partner Network will offer you assistance for the liquidation/ dissolution of your company in Turkey.

– tax compliance and tax planning

Our specialists in local taxation will provide valuable information related to minimizing the taxes you will pay for your business in Turkey. They will also help you plan your future budget according to your company’s needs.

4.Immigration Services 

As a global citizen, you can benefit from both the freedom of action and freedom of thought. As a global citizen, you can pave the way to a wonderful future, lighting your path to success. At World Legal Advocates, we can help high-networth entrepreneurs get a global citizenship or residency through investment, not just for yourself but also your family. Reach out to us today for more information.

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