Contract Negotiation

World Legal Advocates represents clients from the region in connection with their business activities. Out-of-court settlement of disputes  – is one of the services we provide. Our clients range from international and local private companies to investors and government departments. We assist businesses in regulatory and compliance matters regardless of their contracts.

Our objective is to help our clients achieve their business goals while recognizing and avoiding legal problems. If a dispute is involved, we aim to find efficient, out-of-court resolvings that are in the best interests of our client. In contested matters, we help our clients safely navigate the litigation environment outside Turkey.

When one or more of the parties does not fulfill their side of the deal or disagrees about certain requirements of a contract, a dispute may arise. A contract dispute can be solved with two methods:

  •   The parties can try to negotiate a mutually agreeable solution to the issue; or,

  •   The parties can take the matter before a court of law and have it resolved by a judge.

No matter the type of contractual dispute you might meet or the method of resolution you want to pursue, we can help you achieve the best outcome for your company.

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