For Turkish Companies Having Legal Issues Outside Turkey

Our mission and purpose are: to open a path for our clients to conduct business in Turkey or with Turkish companies in a flash, and to solve Turkey companies’ issues of doing business outside Turkey.

World Legal Advocates’ team has extensive experience advising multinational corporations, financial institutions, private investors, and other clients outside Turkey-related activities, including advising on transactional, regulatory, government relations, and disputing resolution matters.

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Amanda Seyfried
Founder & CEO, Arcade Systems

We are an experienced team ready to provide our foreign clients with the expertise and assistance they need. We help to start and do business outside Turkey. For example, we work with you to develop capital structures and repatriation strategies for minimizing worldwide taxation, which includes customizing repatriation strategies.

We have developed strong relationships with our clients because we understand their needs and offer the most efficient solutions. As a result of doing business with many countries around the world, World Legal Advocates has developed an in-depth understanding of different business cultures and legal systems. This experience and knowledge provide our clients the piece of mind they need to put their trust in us.

If any of our clients are experiencing over $1MM in financial or contractual disputes with companies or individuals, or have been directly affected by unilateral restrictions in the following countries, our team of experts will be ready to assist you:



European Union






Middle East

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