Contract Disputes

What Is a Contract Dispute?

A contract is a legally binding arrangement between two parties outlining each party’s obligations and responsibilities. If an involved party disagrees with any of the terms or conditions of the contract or fails to fulfill its part of the deal, conflicts tend to arise.

The contracts in Turkey have standard terms and conditions which need to be respected, but problems may appear if parties do not consider the importance of the stipulated requirements. This is how contractual disputes appear in Turkey and special attention is recommended. If your company is involved in such problems, make sure to solicit help and legal advice from our Turkish lawyers.

World Legal Advocates leverages our team of professionals to provide high-quality client-focused services in a cost-effective manner and builds long-lasting relationships with its clients.

We provide support in the areas of international commerce, international taxation, international litigation, arbitration and mediation, international private wealth protection, corporate transaction management, cross-border technology and communications, government relations in global business and regional regulatory matters.

World Legal Advocates team has vast practical knowledge in specialized international transactions and disputes. Our extensive cultural familiarities and foreign language capabilities improve efficiency and directly benefit our clients by avoiding expensive coordination mistakes, delays, and confusion that frequently frustrate transactions inside Turkey.

The sale and purchase of goods across borders can lead to breakthroughs in business or dreadful litigation and disappointment. Therefore, it’s important to have experienced legal advice in case of contract negotiations and contract disputes in deals that govern your international sales contracts.

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Do I Need a Lawyer If I Have a Contract Dispute?

A lawyer can help you resolve contract disputes in an efficient and effective fashion. Additionally, when signing a contract, a professional and experienced attorney can be an invaluable resource and help eliminate disputes before they arise. World Legal Advocates will assist you in finding the right adviser for your specific needs.


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