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Doing Business in Turkey

For all foreign investors who want to do business investment and base their business in Turkey, there are significant advantages: it is situated at the crossroads of two important markets: Europe and Asia. The nation functions as a bridge between continents and this desirable position are precisely the basis of much of its economy. Turkey has entered into a customs union with the European Union and, over the years, has strengthened its trading ties with the EU.

In 2012, a number of new business and commercial regulations were established to promote foreign business investment and make the country more appealing to foreign entrepreneurs. Travel, tourism, textiles, and retail are just some of the most promising sectors in Turkey and some of the biggest foreign direct investment recipients.

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Where the companies go to resolve their legal and investment issues.

World Legal Advocates has created a group of field-leading professionals and subject-matter experts with top-tier global reputations for advisory services and conflict resolutions.

Our extensive cultural familiarities and foreign language capabilities improve efficiency and directly benefit our clients by avoiding expensive coordination mistakes, delays, and confusion that frequently frustrate transactions inside Turkey.

As a result of doing business in many countries around the world, World Legal Advocates has developed an in-depth understanding of different business cultures and legal systems. This experience and knowledge provide a direct benefit to our clients.

We are experienced in Business Investment Issues’ solving.

Member Partner Network sits at the core of World Legal Advocates. We assign projects to select regional professionals and provide mediation between our clients and those Member Partners when necessary.  World Legal Advocates also matches these professionals with each other across different countries in order to meet our clients’ needs. Should a business venture involve a factory in Brazil, a supply chain through Asia, and bottom-end vendors in Turkey? World Legal Advocates will connect with our Member Partners Network in each region and provide the best results on your behalf. 

Our legal partners offer a wide range of consulting services and help you choose the best corporate structure for your business model, deploy the proper marketing approach to reach your target audience, establish a lasting foothold in the Turkish market, and maximize the success of your business ventures.

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Large enterprise businesses and high-net income individuals have the luxury and capital to pay hundreds of thousands to investment firms dedicated to growing their wealth.  World Legal Advocates seeks to level the playing field by providing comparable services to middle-market firms at a reasonable price.

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