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World Legal Advocates represents foreign and domestic clients in international and cross-border litigation, business, real estate, and governmental matters.

We have long-standing commitments. Our team focuses on Asia, Europe, and Latin America. We represent a vast range of clients in major transactions and privatizations throughout various industry sectors.

Our extensive cultural familiarities and foreign language capabilities improve efficiency and directly benefit our clients by avoiding expensive coordination mistakes, delays, and confusion that frequently frustrate transactions outside Turkey. Our experience and knowledge provide a direct benefit to our clients.

The Turkish government recognizes that the domestic economy alone will not be sufficient to reach necessary economic growth and that they need to attract foreign direct investment.

Investors that have come to us, have met our team of experts in international business and they have acknowledged solutions for any legal matter that have caused issues to clients’ investment. We understand the challenges that the Turkish market represents and it is our mission to help our clients to adapt and persist until their business succeeds.

Along with starting a business as itself, there also may appear a necessity to purchase real estate for business or private purposes.
Our team is experienced in providing the procedures of due diligence and sales transactions.

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